Groups +

Can you give me a basic overview of groups?

SlidaM8 is based around groups. There are three ways of viewing the groups.

You might want to think about it as zooming out from a view, to a group of views, to a view of groups.

1. The Single View.

Your view, or a M8s view within the group.

Switch to other M8s in the group by swiping left and right in the space underneath 'Settings'. Double tap on the 'They See' box to return to your view.

2. The Grid View.

All M8s in the group are displayed in a grid (yours top left).

Switch to other groups by swiping left and right in the space underneath 'Tease'.

3. The Groups View.

This is how you view all groups.

Swiping left and right in a group will show its members view.

How do I create a group?

1. Tap on the 'New Group' button in groups view.

2. Create a memorable title (this will help when you have many groups).

3. Add M8s to the group by tapping on the 'M8s' button.

How do I change the name of a group?

Tap on the title at the top of the screen.

How do I add someone to a group?

Only the person who created the group, can add M8s to that group.

Tap on the M8s button and enter a name in the search field. Tap '+' to add them or '-' to delete.

How do I delete someone from a group?

Tap on the MANAGE button and then swipe left or right on the SlidaM8, tap DONE.

Is there a limit to how many people can be in a group ?

Yes, the maximum number in a group is 32.

Can someone add themselves to a group I have created?

No, only you as the owner of the group can.

How do I delete a group?

Navigate to groups view and tap 'Delete'.

Can I re-create a group I deleted but didn’t really want to?


Can I leave a group?

Just delete the group.

Is there a limit to the number of groups I can create or be a SlidaM8 in?

No, there is no limit.

Can I stop someone adding me to a group?

Go to their personal 'Settings' (double tap on their name) and turn off 'Can Add Me To Groups'. Any groups they added you too before you changed their settings will retain you as a member, if they delete you from those groups they will not be able to add you back.

How is group messaging different from secret messaging

Group messaging sends the text to all members of the group. Secret messaging, '1 to 1', is only sent to one member of the group.

How do I move around within a group?

For a single frame view, swipe left/right to toggle through frames in the group.

For a grid view, swipe left/right to toggle through the groups.

For a groups view, swipe left/right within the line to toggle between frames in the group.

If you tap on a frame in a grid view it will convert to a single frame view.

How do I find out who owns a group?

Tap on the 'Owner?' button top right.

I was using the app and the group I was looking at disappeared - why?

The most likely reason is that the owner of the group either removed you from the group, or deleted the group.

How do I make the grid view bigger?

The grid view is a fixed size but you can quickly flip between grid view and single view by a 'pinch' gesture in the space below 'Tease' or double tap the frame.

Is there a place where I can see all of my screens in all the groups?

Double tap on the 'Me' button.

Can I change someones SlidaM8 name on my phone to my own choice?

Double tap on their name and type in the changes.

Can I change or customise the background?

Double tap in the lower part of the screen, choose a background and then back arrow (top left). Note: you can have a different background for different groups.

I want to add a SlidaM8 to a group but the app won’t let me - what’s wrong?

Firstly, you can only add members to a group if you own (created) the group. Otherwise they have stopped you from adding them to groups.

I’ve seen some screens but am a bit unclear about overall structure - can you explain it a little more?

Sharing is based around groups. From a screen real-estate perspective there are three views relating to groups: 1. The grid view, where your frame is ever-present in the top left-hand corner, and the frames belonging to other SlidaM8s in the group are positioned around it. 2. The single frame view, where either your frame or that of a SlidaM8 in the group occupies the display area. 3. The groups view where there is a row for each group with a frame in it. You might want to think about it as zooming out from a frame, to a group of frames, to a group of groups.

Chat +

How does this messaging/chat work?

To message the M8s of a group, tap on speech bubble icon (top left).

You will see two text fields top left. The top field is for messaging all M8s in the group.

The second text field is 'To One' secret messaging to an individual M8 of the group.

Tap to activate secret field, write message, double tap on it then drag-n-drop onto the M8.

Camera +

How do I put a picture in my frame?

Tap on the camera button in a single frame, or grid view. The camera will start running, and when you wish to take a picture, tap the camera button again.

What if I don’t want to slide from left to right?

Swipe the arrow in the direction you wish to slide, then slide the image.

How do I put a video in my frame?

Start the camera running by tapping on the camera button.

Next, swipe left/right in the lower part of the screen to see the video camera icon.

Then tap on the camera again, to start recording, and once more to end recording.

How do I start and stop a video in my frame?

Firstly, you can slide the video frame in the direction that was indicated by the arrow. Secondly, a tap in the frame will toggle between starting and stopping the video.

Can’t hear any sound from the video - what’s going on?

You will need to go to a single frame view, where you will see a button in the bottom left hand corner of the main display area, which will enable you to turn the sound on or off.

How do I put something from my photos library into my frame?

When you tap on the Camera you will see a 'Use Photos' button.

Sharing +

I’ve seen a fair few effects - can you break down for me the basic sharing options as far as frames go?

There is:

Sliding - basic sliding in four directions.

Pix - where you pixelate an area of the frame before moving the content into place.

Peek - define the visible area rectangle, and change it on the fly.

What does GIVE do?

'Give' allows other M8s in the group, access to play with the image or video. You can stop this at any time by tapping 'Take'.

Feedback +

You’ve got this 'More' and 'Less' button - what’s that?

Short hand to reveal 'More' of the image or video or 'Less' if it's too much information

Blocking +

How do I block someone?

Double tap on their frame and tap 'Block'.

Can I block text as well?

Tap once in the M8s text box.

Reporting +

How do I report some “questionable” content?

The single frame view of a M8 has a 'Report' button. Tap it and enter a description of the issue, when finnished tap 'Send'.

SlidaM8 +

Someone has told me their SlidaM8 name how can I add them to my SlidaM8s Contacts

Tap on the 'Contacts' button in the groups screen and enter the slidaM8 name in the search field. When the name appears tap on the '+' button.

I know someone’s SlidaM8 name but the app can’t find them - what’s wrong?

If a SlidaM8 user has gone private you will not be able to look them up.

How do I delete or undelete a SlidaM8?

If you wish to have NO communication with a SlidaM8 user you can delete them in two ways: 1. Tap on the 'Groups' button then 'Contacts', tap on the user and tap 'Delete'. 2. Double tap on their name and then tap delete

You will no longer see each other in groups where you are both members. you will remove each other from any groups which either of you control. You will not be able to add each other to any groups, or invite each other to join any group. Only the SlidaM8 user who initiated the 'Delete' will be able to reverse it by tapping 'Undelete'.

Users +

How do I know if someone is online or offline?

If the users name colour is black (or the users text bubble has no border colour) then the user is offline. If the users name colour is orange (or the users text bubble border colour is orange) then the user is online but not looking at the same view as you are. If the users name colour is green (or the users text bubble border colour is green) then the user is online and looking at the same view that you are.

Notifications +

How do I get notifications when I am outside of the app?

We use push notifications.

1. To allow notifications double tap on 'Me' and turn notifications on.

2. To stop notifications from a M8, double tap on their name and turn of their notifications.

Can I get notifications when I’m in SlidaM8 as well?

The event navigator (white circle with a number in it) will alert you when events of potential interest occur elsewhere, tap on it to go to the event.

Pulses +

Can I send a image or video that will stay out there until the other slidamates have seen it, or I delete it?

Yes, it's a 'Pulse' which is available to view once only in a 24hrs period.

Use the 'Help' button in the app to find out how to use it.

What does a 'Pap' button do.

'Pap' is Paparazzi style flash photography to tease a quick image.

Use the 'Help' button in the app to find out how to use it.

Help +

I see the Help button, but if I tap on it nothing happens - is it a bug?

To activate, double tap on Help, turning it into a movable button then 'drag-n-drop' onto the area of enquiry. Swipe in any direction to deactivate.