Released in the UK and Ireland only

  • Create, manage, and delete groups.

  • Pixelate an area of an image or video, move it into view and dynamically de-pixelate it.

  • Make an area of an image or video visible to M8s and move it around.

  • Send an image animation or video playback that is valid for 24hrs to M8s.

  • Send a 'paparazzi' like image animation that is valid for 24hrs to M8s.

  • Hide your image or video.

  • Block M8s from revealing images or videos on your iPhone.

  • Ask to see more or less of an image or video.

  • Send animated chat messages that are valid for 24hrs.

  • Apply filters to images and videos.

  • Control who can lookup you up.

  • Control who can add you to groups.

  • Allow M8s to interact with your image or video.

  • Save an image to your iPhone's photo library.