The Idea

Bank holiday in Amsterdam. The night after an interesting piece of cake.

Twins in a buggy, each with a touch device. One slides his finger across 

the screen and looks at his brother, giggles and then the moment was over. Did I see something move between the two devices?  - was that it?


Till then for me sharing online before pressing that “send” button was always tempered by the question - "do I or don’t I?” 


When you share something online, you can’t really scrub it, even though you’re told otherwise. 

Sometimes we want our online sharing to be momentary and not hang around for years, waiting to used against us. What if I could reveal part of a photo, send a message that stays for only a few seconds or a video that I can show and then take back. SlidaM8 was born.



Community Guidelines

We want users to enjoy our interactive sharing experience and the new freedom it brings.


Data privacy, safety, and giving you control of your content, is at the heart of our technology. You decide what is seen, by whom, when, for how long, and how much – in a playful interactive environment.


We have developed a set of guiding principles for using SlidaM8 and should these be violated, reserve the right to remove any user and take action as required, to allow us to protect our community.


In short, don’t use SlidaM8 to break the law, be nasty or display overt violence.


Guiding Principles

Adult content and sexually explicit and suggestive content


We encourage users to refrain from abusing others, promote or distribute non-consensual pornographic content, including revenge porn and any associated inappropriate images of a sexual nature.


Illegal Content


SlidaM8 is not to be used in any way that violates the law.




We do not condone SlidaM8 content being used without consent and would deem this a violation of personal privacy. If a user asks you to remove content, then please, respect their privacy and do so.


Hate Speech


Please be kind.  


Violence and Threatening Behaviour


Reports of violent or threatening behaviour will be reviewed.


Harassment & Bullying


SlidaM8 promotes an open communication environment for users to interact within their groups, and as such we do not condone bullying or harassment of any kind. A user can block anyone for whatever reason.




Content of any type inciting terrorism or terrorist acts, will not be tolerated.


Guidelines Enforcement


Should any of our guidelines be violated, we reserve the right to terminate your account, remove the content which is in violation, and/or if necessary involve law enforcement agencies.

If any of our guidelines are violated and we deem it necessary to delete your account, we reserve the right to disallow you access in the future. In the spirit of open sharing, we will endeavour to enforce these guidelines in a fair and consistent manner and do what we deem to be right to protect our community.